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    A Haiku About Merthur Being Canon


    Merthur is fucking canon.

    No one can deny it.

    Everyone else can fuck off.

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    DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT?!! *kisses your eyelids softly* DO YOU WANNA TUSSLE?!!?! *nuzzles your neck* 

    and on this day the post to finally describe merthur with precise accuracy was written

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    Hardcore Merthur shipping in season 1

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    by elna

    This is the most beautiful and dark fanart from merlin that i ever seen. I wish the series was like that in the last season.

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    Gwaine died thinking he failed his friend.

    Elyan died protecting someone he loved.

    Leon and Percival died loyal to the end.

    Lancelot died sacrificing himself to save the world.

    Gaius died alone.

    Gwen died heartbroken.

    Uther died using his last breathe to protect his family.

    Mordred died fighting for what he believed in.

    Morgana died full of anger.

    Arthur died thankful.

    And Merlin lived on feeling all of that.


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