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    Day 29


    Brolin is not yet canon



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    5x13 Commentary with Katie McGrath and Julian Murphy

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    Katie Mcgrath and Julian Murphy | Merlin commentary 513

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    Sometimes I just remember that Arthur gave Merlin Ygraine’s sigil
    and how important that object was
    and how special that person had to be to receive such an object and I just

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    Katie Mcgrath and Julian Murphy | Merlin commentary 513

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    Katie:And we all know that you never gave me any love interest.
    Julian:I gave you Morgause.
    Katie:Ha ha ha ha ha ha! He says in /all/ seriousness! Serious...
    Julian:Um. Incestuous lesbianism. What more can you want?
    Katie:You cannot make a show without lesbianism in all fairness!
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    The beautiful thing about Merlin is that both Merthur and Arwen are canon. 

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