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    Reblog if this will be your first apocalypse on tumblr

    We lived through the Apocalypse before it was cool.


    You probably didn’t hear about it.


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    For all his knowledge and experience, the one thing Castiel will never understand is how a man so brave, loyal, and true, so righteous in every sense of the word, can be filled with so much heartache and self-loathing that he is blind to the brightness of his own soul.

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    I’m convinced that the Winchester’s and Cas sometimes set themselves upon the path of Endverse and only Dean knows about that possibility and I think he’s the reason it keeps being canceled out and he subtly tries to put everything back on track again to keep Endverse from happening.

    I think Purgatory was setting them on the path of Endverse for the bajillionth time because Castiel looked like 2014!Cas and I think Dean knew that and part of him began realizing he was becoming 2014!Dean because of his pushing everyone away and harboring so much anger and resentment especially towards Cas.

    So he did what he always does when he wants to keep Cas from becoming 2014!Cas and preventing that possible endgame for all of them.

    He opens himself up to Cas and for a moment he’s completely honest.

    But keeping Cas from becoming that person is easy enough.

    Dean is turning into 2014!Dean as we speak.

    He nearly tortured a man after he got back from Purgatory and he tortured while he was in Purgatory many times from what we can see.

    I’m worried.

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    so my heart and soul fucking hurt because dean prayed to cas

    every night

    and cas heard his pleas

    every night

    you know what happens in a place like that when you’re all alone trying to survive?

    you say things

    you beg, you plead, you bargain, you say anything and everything you can to have that one thing you need back to keep you sane

    and cas heard it all, all of it and he couldn’t fucking go to dean because he was protecting dean

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    are dean and cas in love? (read the full analysis here)

    ‘By this point, Dean’s alcoholism is in full swing, and early in the episode, we see him drinking himself to sleep (note the empty beer bottle by the bedstand) and having nightmares about Cas dying, Sam shooting at Dean in madness, and his killing Amy (again the projection thing!).

    Note that unlike the scenes of Sam’s madness or Amy’s death, Dean’s memory of Cas’s death is shot in a strange negative space, with jerky, uneven camera shots. Even in dreams, Dean is unable to linger on the moment for too long. And it says something important that he can look his brother’s madness in the eye, but when he tries to reconcile Cas’s death, his brain shuts down and goes off the rails. He can’t deal with the idea, even in dreams.’

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